About Us

Beautiful handbags and accessories are no secret to owner, Alicia Y. McDaniel. Alicia sold handbags and accessories inside of her former shoe business, and she recalls that, “There were days when handbags and accessories exceeded shoe sales in the store.”

The staff at LaKicks Handbags & Accessories, LLC understands that there are times when you don’t want to dress up, but with just the right handbag and accessories, your outfit can look like you spent all day putting it together. Put on one of your favorite white T-shirts or tanks and one of LaKicks statement necklaces with one of our handbags and as they say, “Stick a Fork in It”

At LaKicks Handbags & Accessories, LLC our goal is to deliver quality merchandise at a great price. LaKicks Handbags & Accessories, LLC is known for being the Omega, Finisher, and the Completer. “You START Your Look and Let LaKicks Handbags & Accessories FINISH It."